Saturday, December 23, 2006

Season's Greetings

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Like Buddha, Jesus too was supposed to be a messenger of God. At least, that's what we are led to believe.

In fact, some conspiracists claim that both Buddha and Jesus (and for that matter even Mohammed) are one and the same, and the divine body is buried somewhere atop the Himalayan mountains.

Who cares? Anyway, enjoy your holidays and have fun.


PS: I am sorry for the lack of posts. But I am meditating on an important topic - Why are women so mischievous?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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9:31 PM, December 27, 2006  
Anonymous stuart said...

Dear Mr Wan Ker-Sin
This is thoroughly enjoying.
And to think I was looking for gothic nurses...

11:04 AM, January 03, 2007  
Anonymous Stuart said...

Dear Mr Wan Ker-Sin
I am sorry I was not really looking for those nurses; they just show up, don't they?
A mischievous woman can only mean that you are setting the bar too high;
Look for less beautiful, desperate women( perhaps with, say, two different eye colors?) and you will always be happy...

10:09 PM, January 04, 2007  

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