Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Beijing To Tibet And Back!

I have just returned from a breathtaking tour, literally. You see, I was one of the passengers who boarded the miraculous train from Beijing to Lhasa (Tibet). And then I took a flight to Hong Kong.

Chug-a-chug, chug-a-chug, we went all the way up to 5,072 meters. And that's when I saw them! The Tibetan donkeys. Even from the fast moving train I saw their penises. And I have good news:

I recall that the secret sacred book on skin whitening says that cum from a Tibetan donkey's penis is even more effective.

I can see it now. Perhaps, it's time for me to initiate the donkey-cum retailing plan. Several shops in Central, Hong Kong, and beauty conscious women of Hong Kong will be blessed. It is a service to humanity, after all.

Those interested in a franchise, please get in touch with me.

Servantly yours,

Wan Ker